Advanced Setup --- Google Apps Gold Setup Support

(with 1 Month Post Setup - Support)

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What is included with this package?

  • Support for 1 Month
  • 1 Free Email Account History Migration
  • Google Apps Domain Ownership Verification (HTML / CNAME).
  • MX Records Setup (Change Mail Server to google apps).
  • Custom URLs for your domain (eg:,,etc..).
  • Configure Calendar Sharing for your domain.
  • Instructions for Configuring Outlook & other Email Clients
  • Instructions for Configuring Mobiles
  • Bulk User creation
  • Configure Sharing & Security Settings for your domain name.

How Does this Work?

Make the payment with with PayPal link above.

Send the following details to to our Live Support Team.

  • PayPal Order ID / Receipt Id. more...
  • Your domain name to be setup with google apps. more...
  • Your google apps admin login details (if already signup with google apps). more...
  • Your domain control panel login details with login URL. more...
  • Your hosting account control panel login details with login URL if any. more...
  • Special Instructions if any. more...

If you have any queries, you can speak to our live technical support team.

Once the follwing details are sent, Google Apps will be setup for your domain name and the details will be reverted back to your email address.

Setup generally take from 30 min to 16hrs based on our availability.